Resolution Services
Protection & Resolution Services span existing cyber and privacy challenges for families and businesses.
Cyber Protection & Resolution Topics
Service channels include self-directed Protection & Resolution resources, Email Advocacy Support and Full 24/7 Concierge Cyber Advocacy.
Cyber Protection & Resolution Services
Cyber Claims' Preparation and Support Service for Carriers.
Claims Concierge
In 2001, OneBrightlyCyber's founding partners created and set the standard for ID Theft Resolution Services for the world. Twenty years later, working with carriers on thousands of breaches, we have set the global standard for Cyber Resolution Services based on the same founding principle - all cyber services and supporting technology and tools are designed and delivered around the client experience and "client comes first" focus. Cyber threats and resolution response strategies have grown exponentially in complexity. Providing clients with the appropriate pre-breach education, experienced best in class and personalized 24/7/365 incident response, and ongoing recovery and support lead to better cyber protection, faster cyber event resolution and superior risk mitigation for commerciall cyber policyholders. 
An Integrated Approach to today's cyber threats are best met with the perspective that for policyholders cyber is best delivered as a service. Combining best in class resolution services and cyber tools / technologies provides policyholders with the online cyber reference and automated cyber monitoring to mitigate the risk to sensitive data and privacy threats. A live advocate available on demand provides the expertise and reassurance clients require. 
Our Experienced Advocacy Staff is comprised of individuals with years of experience and expertise in fraud investigation, fraud resolution, client advocacy, cyber and privacy security and risk mitigation. Staff expertise combined with professionalism, integrity and compassion offer our clients a consistently personalized and differentiated experience. All clients are assigned a cyber advocate who will help them navigate and resolve their cyber event.