Cyber Protection & Resolution Services Channels
Cyber Protection & Resolution Service Channels
Service Channels
Service channels for cyber support need to fit your business or family's needs. A simple guide can enable clients to navigate their cyber topic. When you are experiencing a cyberattack, an experienced cyber advocate available by phone 24/7 is needed.
We offer three levels of service to meet your specific needs. Pretty comfortable with doing things yourself? Start with the Self Protection & Resolution Channel. Want additional help? Opt for the Email Advocacy Support Channel where an experienced advocate will answer your emailed questions. Is the personal touch your preferred style? Choose our Full 24/7 Advocacy Service with experienced advocates available by phone. Not sure which you need? Start anywhere and upgrade when you wish.
Self Protection & Resolution
How do you protect your personal and corporate information and how do you respond to a cyber event, simply and quickly? Our Self Protection and Resolution channel is designed to meet your needs.
Simple steps for protecting and responding to common cyber threats are available 24/7. Select from a constantly enhanced collection of cyber topics specific to your current cyber need.
Sample Topics Family:
  • Fraud Resolution
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Social Engineering
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Social Media Response
  • Online Retail Fraud
  • Financial and Medical Fraud
Sample Topics Business:
  • Ransomware
  • Shoulder Surfing
  • Key Logging
  • Theft of Mail and Personal Documents¬†
Email Advocacy Support 
Need additional assistance beyond that provided by the Self Protection and Resolution Service guidance? Use our Email Advocacy Support channel.
This service channel offers the option to email one of our cyber professionals with your question. They will provide an answer in simple to understand terms and allow you to focus on your business or family while getting the help you need.
Full 24/7 Cyber Advocacy
Sometimes more cyber assistance is needed. Our Full 24/7 Advocacy channel provides our clients with a highly personalized concierge service.
When you call our 24/7 Protection and Resolution phone number, your call will be routed to a professional who will address your specific cyber questions or incident response needs. 
You don't want to waste time explaining your issue again every time you call because someone different answers the phone. The Advocate taking your call will be with you until it is cyber question or cyber incident is resolved.