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Your Private Online Information is At Risk!

  • The average cost to repair identity theft is $1,343 and can take 6 months and 200 hours for a family to recover
  • Over 737 million records were exposed in 2020 alone! So much for trusting companies to secure and protect our information.
  • If your identity was used in criminal activities those numbers go up
  • Identity Theft reports to the Federal Trade Commission reached 1,387,615 in 2020, double the number reported in 2019. And that only counts incidents reported to the FTC

Still think this is not a big deal? Your information will be used to make purchases, commit crimes, request new credit cards, provide medical care to others, and more.

All the charges are in your name. And you have to prove it wasn’t you! It isn't easy. The criminals have so much information about you, and they have much more experience in it than you do.

Every online action puts your information at risk.

Cyber Attack is the biggest threat to small businesses

  • The costs of a data breach to a small company have reached $1.2 million.
  • Over 3.6 billion phishing emails are sent every day and 43% are aimed at small businesses.
  • Still not convinced – 60% of small businesses are out of business within 6 months of a breach.

Small businesses are a target because of the Non-Public Information, NPI, that is collected in the normal course of business from customers. Few small businesses have adequate cybersecurity staffs or a cyber response plan, making them easy targets. Many don’t know how to protect NPI or even get rid of it safely.

Every online action puts your information at risk.

The Answer – Cyber Services + Tools

  • Assess – identify your risks
  • Enhance – take actions to reduce the risks
  • Respond – know what to do and not do if a breach occurs
  • Recover – returning to life before the breach
  • Support – looking at what happened and taking steps to prevent a recurrence

What you need for cyber technology with ongoing monitoring and support. Specifically:

  • Dark Web Scanning, Assessment and Scoring for your compromised information
  • Prioritized steps to improve your family’s cyber security and mitigate risks
  • Automated Vulnerability, Data Breach and Router Scans working 24/7/365
  • Keyboard Encryption to protect your family’s smartphones and computers

An integrated end-to-end cyber service with the tools and techniques to improve your chances of avoiding a breach and surviving one if it occurs.